Sunday, September 10, 2006


I'm going to be MIA for about two or three weeks, due to the following commitments:

(1) Write a 25 (single spaced) page paper in fufillment of the only other major requirement to get my PhD other than my actual thesis - something called a Prospectus - by next week. Err, technically I need the complete paper to send to my adviser to review by tonight. Uh oh. Please don't let me fail.
(2) Write a 40 slide presentation to describe the 25 page paper to my committee - by the week after
(3) Memorize all of my 100+ citations that I could be quizzed on during aforementioned presentation by Sept 22nd
(4) Train my new 40-hour-per-week lab lackey (a great help, but requires training)
(5) Do the work for a poster at a conf in the first week of October that I submitted 8 months ago...that I actually haven't done the work for yet...
(6) Get complete form of the poster to folks at Boston Scientific by Sept 30th so they can send it through their "We Love Academic Research (yeah f'in right)" legal department
(7) Anticipate poster getting completely rejected by then, and completely rephrasing the research question in less than 24 hours
(8) In the meantime, do 8 weeks of work to prep for research update with BS group (my-favorite-company, Boston Sci) on October 11th, since haven't done any research for them in the last two months...
(9) Assemble 100 photos for Mark's book by drop dead deadline of Dec 1st
(10) Not plan a wedding
(11) Forgo eating, sleeping, and all other activities to finish these things in time.
(12) Maybe not #11, but it's tempting

Excuse me while I squeek "SAVE ME!". So I might not be returning phone calls or emails as much as I should. And at the very least if we do chat please do not ask me about wedding planning, seeing as it is that distraction which got me into a worse mess than I would been in otherwise. Thanks for understanding. Wish me luck

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Anonymous said...

Your mother is beeming: "see stuff go"(real fast)!!!!