Friday, November 07, 2008

Vignettes for the Lazy Blogger: Week 1


Part of the reason  I've been slow on this blog lately is that I have a huge backlog of stories and photos to think about. I keep planning lots of lengthy posts, but I never get around to sorting the photos on my computer or the stories in my head. I think a vignette approach might be a better idea.


First, there was San Diego. We went there to a wedding there.  The bride was beautiful:

erin2 erin4
erin copy erin3


And so were the botanical gardens:

planth1 planth4
planth2 planth3


Then there was San Francisco... flowers in the forests......

flower1 flower2
flower5 flower6 flower7


And produce in the  farmer's markets...

flower4 flower3


And urban environments...

kids1 kids2


And foggy skies...


sf1 sf2


And the Stanford campus.

stanf1 stanf2


We went there to see my brother Michael and my soon to be sister-in-law Leslie. They have a dog that looks a tiny bit scary in this picture, but who's really quite adorable and sweet. She just didn't like my camera:


The property near where they lived had some funky old cars (and buses) there:




And there was another funky plant:



Okay. I'm done for now : ) I'm skipping the trip to Chez Panisse, because it was too fantastically delicious for a lazy photo-only...