Thursday, September 28, 2006


Okay, so everybody has been wondering about the villa. I think it speaks to our personalities of not wanting to plan... it is so hard to pin down our decision! Plus, making the decision involves emails and money and contracts and then finding airline tickets...sheesh, and I thought planning a traditional wedding involved decisions...


Here's the villa:

We will not be renting the entire compound, but we will have most of it. It will be exactly enough for the group to go. We will be renting it probably for May 18th-25th, assuming those dates are still available when we're done.

It is 3 miles outside of Rome. Public transportation travels every 20 minutes to the center of historic rome. The trip to the center of historic rome is ~30-40 minutes. What a cool location, I say.

On other notes, I got a fish for my birthday (thanks mom and dad). His name is Carbon. He resides on my desk at work. He's adorable and fascinating. He's a beta fish. I read up a bunch on betta's before getting one, and contrary to popular belief.... although betta's can live in very small spaces, it's not good for them. In their natural rice paddy habitat, they normally are able to swim around large areas. It is only during the dry seasons that they may spend time in small puddles. More than space, temperature is very critical in keeping a betta happy. Room temp betta's just sit at the bottom of their tiny bowls. Warm betta's swim all over the place. Carbon appears to be a very warm and happy betta fish. I've never seen one so active, and I am convinced it is because of the 3 gallon tank and 80 degree water. I am glad that I rescued him from the little petstore bowl. He's a really cute, endearing fish.

Pictures soon.

Also pictures from a "Pirate Cruise" that Greg and I went on... fun stuff!

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