Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My friend Jessica suggested I start a "wedding blog". I feel kind of silly sharing everything with everybody else out there, but at the same time I really want to record things in a journal-like manner...and I know I'll never actually keep a written journal (because I have tried and failed at that so many times!). So this blog is where I'll put the public-kosher wedding updates (any of the more interesting gossip will have to be told individually :D)

My parents have decided that they are buying the dress. I really appreciate it. My mom and I had a talk about how to make decisions about the wedding without anybody stepping on anybody else's toes, and I think it went really well. My mom is going to fly out to CT in late September to do some wedding planning and dress shopping. That should be fun!! I'm not sure exactly what we'll be planning, since Greg and I are determined to keep this whole thing really simple. But it'll be fun regardless.

Here's the plan so far.

Location: Public Beach

Food: Not catered. We'll do it all ourselves, probably mostly things prepped the day before and possibly some seafood on the grill

Decor: Minimal. I'm thinking Tikki torches, a big bonfire, and candles everywhere. Vegetarian smores might have to happen if there's a bonfire. We might be able to use a pavillion on the beach rather than rent tables, in which case maybe do some nice linens on the tables.

Flowers: My mom's going to kill me when she reads this, but I'm thinking none except for a bouquet. Maybe wildflowers

Officient: My grandfather doesn't know it yet, but I'm going to ask him if he'll perform the Jewish ceremony. My cousin did that at her wedding and I thought it was really nice.

Music: If at all possible, Greg and I's favorite Jazz musician in New Haven, Rohn Lawrence. He does do weddings, but it might be too expensive. We'll see.

We've limited the guest list to around 60 total. There are so many people that we could invite. Especially for Greg - he's lived in the same location most of his life, so there are a lot of friends that he's known forever and would love to have there, even if they don't keep in daily touch now. In my case, I don't have many friends, and I definitely don't have any childhood friends, so it is easy for me to cross people off. It'd be nice to be able to invite whoever we want - but at the same time, I think we also both feel that we want this to be simple and small. So in some ways this is a way for us to have a reason to keep it small. There's something more significant about it if the people there are people who truly mean a lot to us. I just hope that nobody in our extended family gets hurt.

Enough typing for now. We'll see if I keep this up :)

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Mom said...

Do not forget that *all* prices are negotiable====including the band.