Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Keeping the dress a secret

Someone wrote: isn't the dress supposed to be a secret from the guy? Yup, but I wanted his input on a few general ideas before picking something. I guess it could be a total secret, and he better be happy to see me regardless - but I thought I'd run a few general ideas by him to get his reaction: e.g., poofy skirts, sheath dresses, fancy vs simple. Now I've got a better idea of the type of thing he'd like, and it's in line with what I like anyway. Although, I do like the top one. But it is true that it would not work in the sand!!

Anyway, the middle one is really beautiful. I love the arms that hang down.

One more thing: when you post a comment, you can post anonymously. But can you put your name in? That way I know who thinks what! :)

Okay, during my not working while I ought to be, I finally looked up where these two beachy/lacey dresses that everyone seems to like best came from. They are from:

Which is, most fortunately, located in the city - an hour and a half train ride from new haven, and a good distance for a mother-daughter excursion when my mom flies out. They have a ton of designers and some really beautiful gowns, including more modern styles. Unfortunately I missed their sample sale!! 3 days ago - July 23rd. At a sample sale you can get the floor samples for like 80% off, darn.

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