Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Greg is now thinking maybe we should try something larger, particularly since we're going to do the food ourselves at a free venue (so adding guests is not as expensive) and potentially having music as the main attraction. We'd really like to hire Rohn Lawrence, a local jazz musician who plays at the martini lounge Sidebar. He's a really, really good guitarist. The music is one of the things that is undecided so far. Anyway, I dunno about making it larger. I really like the idea of a small and simple thing.

My grandfather likes the idea of being the officient, and I am very excited about that. I think it would be an amazing family tradition to start.

The woman from Lighthouse Point (the New Haven beach we'd like to have the wedding at) hasn't called me back STILL - a week and many messages later. There's an antique carousel in a building that can be rented out. We'd love to rent the building but the carousel is actually really expensive to rent. They staff it with people, so your guests can take a ride. It seems kind of hokey, but also really cool because heck, who has a carousel at their wedding? Anyway, we don't even know if the beach is an option yet - since the woman is not calling me back.

To clarify: the pic of the ring (below) is one I found online. Shopping for a ring turned out to be really difficult for a number of reasons. (1) Stylistically, I'm not a fan of the traditional settings (2) Realistically, I wear latex gloves that I take on and off all day and the traditional settings all put the diamond like 5mm off the ring - no good (3) Looking in person is complicated. All the shops are different styles, price ranges, and hours of operation. It takes a lot of effort for very little reward to go ring shopping. Sooooooooo I spent I a lot of time looking on line and printing up photos of what I like. Greg and I found that ring and loved it, definitely better than anythign else I've seen. I have no idea where the photo originally came from!! So we brought it to a local New Haven jeweler, Derek Simpson, who is going to custom create the ring in a 18k White Gold alloy (diff than the normal one, not nickel alloy... I think he said Palladium - I spelled that wrong, no risk of allergies). Anyway. The setting is actually totally reasonable to have done custom. It won't be any more than a nice out of the box setting.

That's it for tonight. More useless thoughts :D

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