Friday, September 15, 2006

Towing and Mac'n'Cheese

Number of times my car has been towed since living in New Haven:

1) With the correct parking pass for Greg's street, aquired no more than 5 days prior to the towing...marked with the correct "valid through" dates. In the wrong color. And the tow guy did not check the color.

2) Neighbor calls me in for "being over the curb marker" for the driveway (which I was not, having specifically adjusted my car to not block his ability to pull out. Learn how to drive!). Cops apparently agree I wasn't over the curb, but tow me anyway for an old ticket...while I was out of town.

3) Having paid the $500 dollars to get my car out of tow in #2 (and been informed that I was "all good to go" with tickets and taxes and everything)...I get towed 8 months later. For the tow ticket from #2. Even though I paid the tow company. There was a $25 tow ticket to the city. That they didn't post to my account until two weeks after I paid up and retrieved my car. So, they towed my car for another back ticket. Additional $300 later, I get it back.

4) This Wednesday night, as we watched, from in front of our house, for not paying the 44 mill rate tax on my car this year (since, it so happens, they have a 2 year old address for me, despite my having the correct address on my federal taxes, state taxes, car registration, voter registration, and driver's license. They apparently don't know where to send a damn tax bill for $60).

Why, might you ask, am I blogging instead of working? Well, having survived Greg's 1 weeks "deadly" illness (bad head cold), I thought I was good to go. Then my officemate showed up sneezing and blowing her nose all day yesterday. And now I am sick. And in a really miserable, awful, terrible mood.

: (

I have slightly over 48 hours to finish this paper. Somebody help me! Save me from this miserable, awful, terrible mood that I am in.

: ( : (

But, there's Mac'n'Cheese on the stove and that makes me happy. And the fabulous boy is still hanging around, despite my bad mood, and that makes me even happier.

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