Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Ring

So folks, this is it:

Can we finally call it official? Yay.

It turns out that Greg did not have the ring the whole time and all of my second-guessing was pointless. The Jeweler actually didn't finish making it until Saturday. He was closed on Sunday. Greg teaches a 3 hour class Monday nights. Tuesday we had plans. Wednesday was...yesterday. So Greg picked up the ring on Wednesday at lunch.

I was totally exhausted and practically asleep in bed sometime around 8pm. He started quizzing me about whether I was going to keep napping or if I should get up, and then he just popped the question, "Will you marry me?" and I joked around, and then he pulled out the ring.

So yay :) Am totally in love the sparkly thing. It is fun to wear around. Very comfortable. We've spent an embarrassing long amount of time discussing its various qualities and shapes. I haven't hit it on anything so far. And I am grateful for my absurdly small (size 3.5) hands that make the diamond look about 2x as large as it actually is. Not that a diamond has to be huge, but you know, just right.

Area Exam tomorrow and then I will be done with that part of the to do list. Woot!

P.s. Sorry for the poor picture. I finally ordered my camera battery and got it (hurrah!), but I couldn't find my transfer card to get the photo onto my comp last night, so I had to use Greg's camera to take a photo, and that one can't focus very well

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