Sunday, August 06, 2006

Here is lighthouse point. This is the carousel building (set up for a wedding to be that afternoon):

Really nice, more formal. Directly outside the carousel building, here's what you see (note the actual lighthouse, and the new haven skyline):

The problem with lightouse pt. (a) if we want to rent the carousel, it's 3k. (b) if we don't rent the carousel, we'd essentially be crashing someone else's wedding by having our wedding right outside their location. (c) we can't set up decorations outside ahead of time (although we could set up inside the day of). (d) no cooking on the spot. (e) no fire. (f) I doubt that we could have live music outside the beach. (e) major health code requirements (i.e., must fully cater the event).

But it is beautiful.

But it is a hassle.

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