Thursday, August 03, 2006

And then there was some news

Continuing to not work today

Finally got in touch with the Lighthouse Point woman - thus followed an irritating conversation where she said she's called my cell phone and I don't have voicemail set up (uh, yes I do). She had the right number, so I dunno. Anyway, here's the deal with lighthouse:

-Likely no open fire allowed
-Likely no cooking on the spot allowed
-Renting the carousel room is kind of an all or nothing thing - you've got to rent the staff to supervise, security, and staff to run the carousel. It comes with tables and chairs, but there is no kitchen and only cold water.
-It's expensive. If we're going to spend that much, we could do it at a much nicer place and have the whole thing catered.
-There's a wedding there on Saturday and we are going to go check it out
-The place is booked solid through September '07. October 6th and 13th are available.

But she had some suggestions


This seems nice, but we really didn't want to have a "venue". Ugh, the idea of a dance floor...I dunno, I just wanted to have something out in the air. This venue feels stuffy.


Seems cool, but definitely too casual, and it's not on the beach. I don't think this will work.

We're going to see the professor Erin's house on Saturday morning, 11am. I am excited about this. It looks really nice from the pictures. She has a backyard with a view of the water (where we'd have the ceremony) and then there's a private beach 100 yards away. Double bonus: we could set up the night before. That would be amazing, and that is something we could definitely not do at a public beach

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