Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I've been a little preoccupied by some daydreaming

48 hours from now, I hope I will be placing the final edits into this dissertation.
60 hours from now, I hope I will be walking into Kinko's.
64 hours from now, I hope I will place a copy of this dissertation under my last committee member's door
68 hours from now, I damn well better be in Vermont for the weekend.

And 324 hours from now, I expect to stand in front of a group of people and explain why I deserve the degree. So 327 hours from now, I might feel a little less nervous. And 327.1 hours from now, I might be able to call Greg on the phone with a smile on my face and a piece of paper in my hand.

And on October 5th? I get to SLEEP IN for a month and take my first real time off in.... 8 years, at least. I worked every summer since sophomore year in college. I always wanted to take a few months off after college, but I couldn't. Now I can. Phew.

Golly gee, I can't wait : )

Neither can the dogs - I've been a bad dog-mom. They're bored out of their minds. Greg's been awesome in keeping everything going and letting me ignore the world for this last month. It will be a relief to both of us when I can be a normal part of life again.

Like most of my interaction with other people these days, this post is fairly self-serving :D Hope ya'all are well, and I'll be back very soon.

Meanwhile, wanna see the kinds of things I'm working on? Of course you don't. But check this out anyway:

I'd really like to understand this pathway fully, but it's pretty damn confusing, what with many of those arrows actually going both ways, and the arrows that were too complicated to put on there, and the arrows with big question marks on top. Some days I think, why bother trying to understand this? Even the people who dedicate their lives to just this pathway are still a little uncertain about where exactly the arrows all go...

I like looking at the data this way: averages and individual points on the same plot.

That's the hippocampus. There will be a day that comes when I won't care so much about the hippocampus.

It's been a rough week. But relief is very near by...

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