Friday, May 18, 2007

Greetings from Italy

Greetings from Italy. I am sitting here in an internet cafe, having been in this country for a full 48 hours (I think? It is very difficult to keep track of time here). I do not have a way to get pictures off of my camera, so no photos for this yet, but I thought I'd say something about how our time has been so far.

In a word, fantastic. I think I love this culture, just as I knew I would. Accordian players on the tram, friendly, welcoming people, wonderful food, amazing sights everywhere - wow. We have been doing typically touristy things so far, trying not to be too typical. Tomorrow our families will be here and I know they will enjoy it too.

Best part? Well, aside from the guy, the gelato.

Check back in, as I might be able to post photos and I'd love to keep a more thorough visual journal of this trip. Either way, Greg convinced me to take a photo of every meal we have, and so far I've kept up with it! New recipe ideas already.

'Ciao', I suppose!

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Mallika said...

You lucky thing! That dress is gorgeous. I'm looking forward to some of your simple Italian recommendations...