Thursday, December 07, 2006

According to photo #10,948 (AKA IMG_0948)

(If you need wedding updates, skip the photos and scroll down!)

Photos taken in the two years I owned my Canon Elf (AKA The Point and Shoot): Maybe 500

Photos taken in the two years that I have owned my Canon Rebel SLR: 11,000

Approximate photos taken per day in past two years: 15

Photos taken in the past two months for Mark's book: 3,000

Approximate photos taken per day taken in last two months: 50

Photos edited in photoshop and submitted for book: 338

Photos chosen so far: somewhere around 70, I think

Gratitude towards famliy and friends for helping with setting up, posing for and thinking about these pictures: so much!

Result of above work: some very numb wrists and fingers, but happy eyes


Anonymous said...

Nice pics...although, the Surgeon General says you shouldn't smoke! -G

Luis Antonio said...

nice pics, definitely :) and yeah, it´s kindof amazing how shooting with an slr changes the amount of pictures taken I´d say that it has to have something to do with the sound of the shutter..